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Candy M 8/5/2019

Found this dental office a year ago from my insurance, had a great experience all the way around. So much so that I have recommended my adult daughters as well as my husband.

Both my daughters have fragile teeth and have needed a lot of work, Cardinal always gets them in on a short notice and has a care plan to fit their school and work schedules, no weeks or months to get an appointment. The root canal specialist and teeth extractions have gone smooth.

I love that they are open late on Mondays so I can get care after work so I do not have to miss work.

Mary R 8/2/2019

Clean, Efficient and Friendly dental office. What more can you ask!

Christina U 7/19/2019

Great dentist ! They always respond quickly. Great work ! My tooth chipped and they did an amazing job. Very happy thank you

Victoria R 7/3/2019

I have had a great experience with this dental office. My experience has mostly been with the hygienist. No complaints - they did a nice job both times I've been in. I was treated courteously by the entire staff. They are never rude or pushy about their services. They are very clear about costs. Rescheduling was easy too. No complaints here.

DIANE T 6/26/2019

My daughter and went for our cleaning. They were very flexible with scheduling and upfront about costs. I needed to replace my nightgaurd and they were very helpful to figure out insurance. I was able to schedule two other family members at the same time. The hygentists are great and let you know what is going on with your teeth. They do a great job cleaning and polishing. The front staff are friendly, nice and very helpful. I have been lucky enough not to need the skills of the dentist, however I have in the past needed significant dental work and received my care here and was satisfied

Jerome D 6/17/2019

Great experience today! Chipped front tooth was fixed in no time. Looks great, friendly professional staff, and great dental work. Highly recommend making this your routine dental office!!

Michael C 6/14/2019

Went to Cardinal Dental yesterday, and had the absolute best experience possible. Perfect cleaning, perfect, service, and perfect place to go!

Melanie h 5/5/2019

Dr. Chris and staff are awesome! It had been a few years since I'd been to the dentist and was little nervous. Dr Chris explained everything clearly and took the time to answer my questions. I needed a deep cleaning and Rachel the hygienist did a great job cleaning all the gunk off my teeth. It took 2 visits and some numbing for the deep clean cause I guess they usually do one side at a time but after it's all done my gums look and feel sooo much better!!! Thanks Cardinal Dental!

robert m 5/3/2019

I highly recommend Cardinal Dental. I typically just pay a visit for my 6-month cleaning, but recently needed a crown. I had a very great experience with Dr. Andonian and his friendly team. The procedure was essentially painless and the crown came out great. The modern equipment is impressive. Ive never had to wait more than 5 minutes before being seen.

The previous dentists were good (prior to him taking over), but Im very pleased by the way Dr. Andonian has made this his home and appears to be working on building a team that can service HB with great dental care. I think my vote teeters on a 4-5 star rating! :)

chuck c 2/22/2019

Cardinal Dental is an absolutely wonderful dental office. The office is super nice and the staff is amazing. Dr. Andonian is super knowledgeable and down to earth. He explains things very well and my wife and I always feel so welcome when we are there. I highly recommend this place!

Edgar P 2/12/2019

1st time here.. I had to switch dentist because IBrite Dentist wouldn't accept my new dental plan.

I was very pleased with my 1st visit here.  Cardinal dental uses the newest equipment for doing x-rays.  The whole visit was quick and easy.   

Thanks you Cardinal Dental.

Haig H 2/12/2019

This is what I want in a Dentist Office. It is very welcoming and impeccably clean. The staff is super friendly and incredibly professional. It was my first time there, and for sure not my last. Thank you very much for everything, see you every 6 months!

Diana L 1/28/2019

I really like Cardinal Dental. They are all so friendly and they always do a great job in cleaning my teeth. Thank You Cardinal Dental!

Kathleen c 1/14/2019

Hello, this was my first time visiting Cardinal Dental here in Huntington Beach. I was very happy that it's location is 5 minutes from my place. I hadn't been to a dentist in 9 years so I was nervous. I was easily put at ease by the lovely & kind Receptionist. The office is clean & nicely decorated. As I met each team member I was impressed how kind & professional everyone was. I was very comfortable & not worried about being placed in competent, professional hands. Lastly, I met Chris Andonian DDS & We went over the plan of care for my treatment. He was clear & concise as was each team member before him. I only had a few questions. I look forward to working with Dr Adonian & his team to completion with an excellent outcome. Thank you. Sincerely, Kathleen C.

Anjana G 1/11/2019

Good service very knowledgeable hygienist ( blanking out on can't her name) she explained procedure that I wish my earlier dentist had.

Suzie v 1/5/2019

“They are prompt when I come in for an appointment - no waiting around!
since I work during the day - I appreciate my time being respected!
Chris Andonian DDS explains everything that he does. Not fond of
going to the dentist so it was nice to have found someone that other reviewers rated as 5 star!
The xrays were not painful! They use a method that I was not familiar with. like it!!
rates are reasonable. I didn't feel that he was trying to sell me on 
procedures that I do not need.  
The office is next to Albertson's in Seacliff Shopping Center. Convenient!

Jim L 12/2/2018

I was directed to this Dental office as the result of a change in my dental insurance provider.  I was pleasantly surprised by the modern appearance and cleanliness of this office.  There is not a shortage of modern technology and equipment.  I was impressed with the x-ray equipment and viewing results. There is a monitor in every room that the dentist uses to show the patient exactly what is going on with multiple images.  The staff is very friendly and made me feel important and very welcome.  Allie, the hygienist, provided the most gentle and thorough cleaning I have ever experienced.  It was exceptional.  She took the time necessary to perform a perfect job.  She is knowledgeable and provided some very good advice for keeping my teeth healthy.  The dentist, Dr. Andonian, was very professional and a pleasure to meet.  After reviewing my x-rays and thoroughly examining my teeth, he made some recommendations for additional dental work.  He explained everything thoroughly and left the final decision up to me without any pressure.
I came back later to have the additional work performed.  Dr. Andonian and his competent assistant made me feel very comfortable throughout the 1.5 hours I was in the chair. 
Amanda, the office manager, competently took care of all paperwork requirements and scheduling of the next appointment.  There is no doubt that Amanda and the entire staff are very well organized.  
After this first experience I most definitely recommend this practice to anyone looking for an EXCELLENT dentist and experience.  It is very obvious they enjoy their work and making the patient feel special.  Most importantly they do very good work on your teeth.

Carl J 5/17/2018

New to the area and very pleased with the professionalism and care! Highly recommend this office! Great staff!

Julisa O 5/8/2018

I am a new patient at Cardinal Dental, and I was well taken care off. I got an exam, a filling, and a deep cleaning. Doctors explained everything to me thoroughly and asked me if I had any questions. Everyone was friendly and that was the most comfortable deep cleaning I have ever received in my life! Thank you Cardinal Dental!

Barbara J 4/5/2018

For those of you looking for a good dentist who accepts HMO insurance, look no further than Cardinal Dental.  So glad I found them after all the horror stories posted on Yelp about other dentists out there.  Just had my new patient regular checkup and cleaning at Cardinal, and am very happy to report that it was very thorough and professional, and best of all, hassle-free!  Highly recommend!

Denise M 3/18/2018

I just went for my cleaning a check up. Got right in, had a new hygienist Ally, who was wonderful. I really appreciate having things explained to me and my questions answered which took the time to do. My whole experience at Cardinal Dental has been very positive. This was my 3rd. or 4th. visit

Christopher T 3/3/2018

This place is just FANTASTIC, it's the New England Patriots of all dental facilities. The staff if great and they can do long procedure's in minimal time with high quality results. I highly recommend Cardinal Dental.

Steve A 2/12/2018

Excellent care! 
Amanda does a great job with the numbers and follow ups; Jaime has been super taking care of my teeth and gums!

Natalie P 7/28/2017

Everyone at Cardinal Dental is SO welcoming and informative! I had my first appointment here this morning and it was a breeze. Walked in about 5 minutes before my appointment time, filled out my "new patient" paperwork and was called in almost immediately after.
The whole process was quick & easy for my X-Rays and cleaning.
Everyone from the front desk staff, to the hygienist to the dentist were so courteous. 
This will be my new Go-To dental office and I would recommend them to everyone!
(Side Note: The waiting room/front office is very well taken care of, with a flatscreen TV, Keurig coffee machine, water and amenities)

Bailey T 4/18/2017

I have always had pretty poor teeth hygiene, and didn't have dental insurance for majority of my life. Whenever I did go to the dentist I was always looked down upon and made to feel less than because I couldn't afford everything when they wanted me too or because I just had bad teeth.

But! When I found this dentist I have never felt more welcomed and non-judged at a dentist office in my entire life. I have now finally done all the cavities I have and the Dr that did them for me worked extremely fast and I felt no pain! I'm so glad I found this dentist and will be coming here for the rest of my time! I highly recommend anyone to come here.

The dental hygienist was also very thorough on the cleaning and showed me the proper way to clean my teeth.

Nichole C 4/6/2017

Great experience.  The staff was beyond helpful and very friendly.  The office is clean and well decorated.  My father was in town on vacation and needed to see a dentist due to a large filling falling out.  Not only did they make time for him same day, they made sure to verify all costs involved with his insurance - I note this because I think we all have experienced situations we're we're surprised by a bill after the fact.  

Would definitely recommend this place to others

Anna T 3/2/2017

I recently purchased PPO dental insurance through Costco. Yes, Costco! I needed to pick a dental office so I went to Yelp and saw all the great reviews for Cardinal Dental. It was all true. I just had a 5 star experience. Great service, clean facility, and awesome staff! I definitely recommend Cardinal Dental.

Christal C 2/17/2017

I never have to really wait as they seem to understand how to schedule. Anytime I go everyone is super nice and my teeth come out nice and sparkly.

ch Y 11/30/2016

I do not like to go to the dentist, so I avoid it at all costs.  I have to admit that Cardinal Dental helped me with my fears and comfort level.  Everything was new, clean and up to date.  The dentist and staff were super friendly and they were upfront about everything.  I might not like to go to the dentist but since I have to, this is the one!

Dana S 10/10/2016

I've been searching for a new dentist and I stumbled across Cardinal Dental (via Groupon), I was a bit skeptical at first but I thought I'd roll the dice......I'm so glad I did! The entire staff is wonderful and so accommodating and friendly. Honestly, the best part of my visit today was Jamie, the dental hygienist. What a great personality, she was friendly, funny and caring. By far, the best dental visit I've ever experienced, so much so, I've already booked my next appointment, which for me is close to impossible.

Rugerio M 7/29/2016

I had my wisdom teeth pulled out within thirty minutes. I wasn't under so I got to see how he worked, he was gentle and precise. I loved his work and am so satisfied. I'm coming back to this office  as long as they stay in business.

Mallory W 5/27/2016

Love this place! I, unfortunately need a lot of dental work (crowns and cavities) and have no dental insurance. The crew at Cardinal Dental was more than happy to work with me to break up all my appointments so it became more affordable. 
Everyone is beyond kind and they're very helpful in regards to my schedule. I'd easily recommend Cardinal Dental to all my friends and family.

Yahya I 3/10/2016

I don't really write YELP reviews but I had to share my experience here. As I'm sure most everyone can agree with, going to the dentist is about as exciting as going to the DMV or the Post Office. However, from the moment I booked an appointment until the second I stepped out of the office it was an absolute effortless experience. The staff was welcoming, the facility was clean, the machines were up to date but most importantly the doctor was very informative and experienced. I am definitely coming back....with my family.

Sherry S 2/29/2016

I went in for my first visit.  Nice office.  Warm and friendly staff.  Everything went smooth.  There was no waiting around.  I was in and out quickly.  Doctor was very informative.  I will definitely be back to start my treatment.

Corinne J 2/19/2016

Nice dental office with great doctor and staff! Much better than the previous practice that was in this location. Easy to make and book an appointment, easy to find, friendly staff, personable and knowledgable doctor, clean and modern office, and reasonable rates--what more do you need? This place is a winner in my book!

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